We host a variety of events for our members and the general public throughout the year.  Some are fiercely competitive, whilst others are run simply for fun.

Regardless of whether you're in it to win it, or just for the sheer enjoyment factor, our events are always entertaining and enjoyed by all.

They also provide REPS members with a great range of contests and activities to set goals for and strive towards.  That way there's always an added incentive to stay focussed and train hard!

REPS Fun Day

A Free annual event run exclusively for REPS Members, where we battle it out to find the champion team - Red (Redlynch Morning), Blue (Redlynch Afternoon), Green (White Rock) and Gold (Kewarra Beach).

Previous Team Winners:

2011 - Red Team (Redlynch Morning Crew)

2012 - Red Team (Redlynch Morning Crew)

2013 - Blue Team (Redlynch Afternoon Squad)

2014 - Blue Team (Redlynch Afternoon Squad)

2015 - Green Team (White Rock Troop)

2016 - Red Team (Redlynch Morning Crew)

2017 - Uncontested 


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Weightlifting Competitions

We are home to the Cairns Green Ants Weightlifting Club.  green ants logo reduced
The Green Ants host a number of Olympic weightlifting competitions throughout the year.
All local weightlifters from beginner level through to elite are welcome to register and compete.

Remaining Olympic Weightlifting Competitions in 2018:

Sat, 23/06/2018 - Qld Club Challenge & League Rd 2

Fri, 12/10/2018 - Qld Club Challenge & League Rd 3

Fri, 07/12/2018 - Green Ants Club Open

REPS Monthly Challenge

September 21st, 2018: REPS Boot Camp Cup


August 18th, 2018: 'Who Dares - Pairs' Competition - Open Event


August 3rd, 2018: Redlynch Valley Park Session


July 13th, 2018: REPS Ninja Night


Contact us now if you would like to participate.

CrossFit Competitions

Stay tuned for the release date of our 2018 REPS CrossFit competition (coming soon).