boxing resized3BoxFit is defined by its title - Boxing for Fitness.   We incorporate basic boxing combos using focus pads and mitts, combined with other general bodyweight movements and cardio exercises to provide you with a high energy fitness session.

You will learn how to jab, cross, hook and uppercut correctly in the shadow boxing component of our warm-up, then incorporate those techniques in a series of combinations with gloves on during the class.

BoxFit is designed to elevate your heart rate in short-bursts via multiple rounds of pad work throughout the class.

We alternate rounds between power punch combos and hitting the pads for speed and endurance.

By combining the class with other fitness components like short shuttle runs, skipping, bodyweight resistance and core work you will be sure to get a full body workout.

*Note - all paticipants are required to bring their own pair of boxing gloves and focus pads to class under our COVID-Safe Plan.  Class members without their own boxing equipment will not be permitted to take part.