REPS Circuit Classes are a great starting point for new trainers. The simple class structure provides the ideal setting to learn the techniques associated with REPS training programs. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, our Circuit classes can be scaled individually to provide you with the ideal workout. 

circuit small resizedCircuit Class Structure 

Warm-Up (5 min)    
Incorporates dynamic movements to elevate core body temperate and lubricate joints in readiness for aerobic and resistance exercise.
Cardio Training (5-10 min)           
Whether it’s running, cycling or rowing, we set off for a short burst of cardio training to get the heart and lungs pumping
Circuit Training (20-30 min)         
Combines a variety of boxing, agility, speed and resistance exercises setup at a series of work stations around the gym.
Core Strength (5min)
Focuses on improving postural control, stability and balance through a combination of static and dynamic trunk and abdominal exercises.
Stretch Down (5 min)
Concentrates on a series of fundamental yoga stretches and postures aiding post-workout recovery and increasing muscular elasticity.